Competition description

International competition for designers to design models of different sizes and types for the purpose of implementing the winning in models a prestigious residential project with public squares, pedestrian paths, and vehicular routs. The project belongs to a large real estate company (referred to hereon as the company) and the competition is launched by the Saudi Urban Society (referred to hereon as the Society) through a partnership contract between the society and the company. All submitted entries, winning or not, shall be considered the property of the company. The company will hold the final ceremony where it will deliver the prizes.

Competition goals

From community perspective

Attracting and encouraging designers and experts to promote and spread their creative work and employ it to enrich the built environment and raise the artistic sense.

From Society perspective

achieving the fourth goal, which is to "organize scientific and cultural competitions in the Society's fields of specialization".

From company perspective

Obtaining quality designs for the required sculptures to be implemented in Al-Waseel project.

Basic Details

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Questions & Answers?

Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual Property Rights means the invention, service model, trademark, service mark, trade name, work subject to copyright or related rights, industrial design, patent, know-how, trade secret and any other intellectual property right of any kind in all worldwide (whether registered or unregistered including all applications and rights to apply). By submitting to the Contest, the participant agrees and acknowledges that they grant the Company a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid, non-exclusive, worldwide, unrestricted use of the winning designs.

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The headquarters of the Saudi Society for Urban Sciences is in:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, King Saud University, Student University City, College of Architecture and Planning, Building 32, First Floor.


By participating in this competition, the designer implicitly acknowledges that he has read and understood the following terms and conditions, and agrees to be bound by them; The Company and the Society reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to modify or change any of the conditions at any time without prior notice, and the conditions of the competition are:

1.The following persons are not eligible to enter the competition: employees of the Company or Society; and their first-degree family members (spouses, parents, children, brother and sister and their spouses) or people living in the same household with such employees, whether they are relatives or not.
2.Participation is on individual basis, and the participant must provide the required information using the confidentiality system.
3.The Company and the Society reserve the right and at their absolute discretion to request information relating to the Contest including proof of identity, age, address, and other related details.
4.The entry will be invalid if it holds anything against the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
5.The participant bears the legal and judicial consequences in the event that his participation violates the rights of others, even if the Company or Society did not know about it at first, and even if the participation was implemented on the project land.
6.The decisions of the Company or the Society on any matter relating to the contest, including without limitation, eligibility to submit applications or selection of winners, shall be final and binding.
7.The Company and the Society reserve the right, without any liability or compensation, to disqualify the participant from the competition and/or withhold or withdraw the prize (at its sole discretion) if the competition terms are violated, or the participation is incomplete, incomprehensible, invalid, late or not comply with the Terms or any specific rules.

8.Entrant agrees to hold the Company and the Society, as well as their affiliated entities, officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, and licensors, harmless and free from any claims, losses, damages, injuries, or disappointments that may incur as a result of participation in the competition or any activities in connection with the competition and the acceptance, use, abuse or possession of any prize awarded in this competition.

9.The Company or the Society will not bear any responsibility if false or inaccurate information is provided to them, human errors, technical failures, loss or delays in data transmission occur.

10.The participant shall not have the right to make a claim or bring a claim in connection with this contest against the Company, the Society or any entity affiliated with them, or individuals operating in any of them.

11.If the competition cannot be carried out as planned for any reason beyond the control of the Company or the Society and in a manner that affects or harms the proper administration, safety, fairness or integrity of the competition or its proper execution, the Company reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend or modify the competition Including committee decisions and awards.

12.These terms and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or relating to these Terms, their subject matter or their formation, shall be subject to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and any dispute arising in connection with this declaration shall be submitted to the competent court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for determination in which.

Project Location?

The residential project is located in Al-Waseel area, northwest of Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The project lot is 4 km long and 1.75 km wide, with a total area of: 315926 km2. The street network is planned compatible with the natural environment. From the 36 m wide main street, sub-streets branch out leading to the residential units. The  total lengths of streets is  9.1 km.

For more info, download the Guideline

The planning philosophy revolves around creating diverse visual and interactive experiences along its connected streets through a coherent design that revolves around diverse moments of activities and artwork, by dividing the project into five areas, each with its own identity.

For more info, download the Guideline

The site consists of 60 models distributed over the five project areas. The participant must submit designs for only one of the five project areas, corresponding with its identity and the materials used in it, clarifying the shape of the sculpture in the three sizes (small, medium, and large) and the changes that may occur to it depending on the change in size. If the participant wishes to submit designs for other areas, he may do so, but it must be registered and submitted independently and not related to previous registration and submission. If the participant wins more than one entry, he will be awarded a maximum of two prizes.

For more info, download the Guideline

The maximum dimensions for sculptures in meters are as follows:

Type of sculpture
















For more info, download the Guideline

Competition Organizer


The company allocated financial prizes to the winners, ten ranks for each area, with a total of fifty prizes. These are in Saudi riyals, including tax and all other financial obligations. The prizes are as follows:

Competition Guideline

The competition guide is an official document that explains all the technical steps, methods of delivery, and communication, It must be read carefully, as the site does not dispense with it